Best products of 2017

As a lushie this year has been fun, expensive and exciting with all the new product launches. It might just be me going crazy with my orders from the Lush Kitchen, but I feel like Lush released a LOT of product this last year. Not only did we get to buy new bath products that are all lovely to watch dissolve in the water; Lush has done some very bold stuff and brought us new inventions that no other company has ever done before. Jelly bath bombs, jelly face masks, naked shower gels, naked body lotion, naked body conditioner, etc. If you follow me on Instagram you might saw that I posted a collage of my favorite new products. I’d like to share them on here as well, but this time with more in depth explanations. Oh, and these are in no particular order as that would be as choosing your favorite child.


Plum Rain shower gel:


This was love at first sniff, and has quickly become one of my very favorite scents. It’s the most perfect fruity shower gel I could ever think of. Consistency vice it is thick and sticky in a way, but if you work a bit with it between your hands it will lather up very nice and cover your skin in plum heaven. The best part about this product is that it’s a part of the regular line; but hey, I wouldn’t be lushatemywallet if I didn’t have a 500g bottle in backup at all times just in case? I usually find that shower cremes are a lot more moisturizing than shower gels, but this is probably the shower gel that gives the most moisture on my skin.


Plum Snow bubble bar:


Back in September when I got a exclusive preview to the Halloween and Christmas range I spotted this giant bubble bar from a distant and almost ran people down in hopes that the purple color would mean that it has the Plum Rain scent. Inside I screamed out of joy when I saw the sign with the name for it, and since then I have built up somewhat of a backup stash of this bubble bar. Again, my love for the Plum Rain scent is almost ridiculous, but every time I smell anything Plum Rain I just want to smile. Unfortunately this was a limited edition product for Christmas 2017, but I really hope it will be next Christmas. This bubble bar can provide you anything from 4-8 baths depending on how much bubbles you’d like, but I have to admit I’ve used the whole bubble bar in one bath and it was the best thing ever!


Golden Pear soap:


This stunning soap was also a part of the Christmas range of 2017. If you haven’t tried it you can probably tell by the name what it smells like. It also has some spices to make it smell more like a baked pear, such a nice scent for Christmas! Inside the soap there are some exfoliating bits to get rid of any harsh skin, and in the middle it has a layer of murmuru that will leave the skin soft and moisturized. I currently have one by the sink in my bathroom, and I find myself having excuses to go and wash my hands more than I actually need because I love it so much. It might still be in stock in your local shop, and if so it will be 50% off. I have a couple of extras of this piece of art, just because..


Secret Arts jelly bath bomb:


When Lush first introduced the jelly bath bombs I was a bit sceptical and I waited before I went ahead and tried them. Secret Arts is by far my favorite out of all the jelly bombs! When it hits the water it immediately starts to fizz down to a jelly (feels a bit like runny slime) and inside it has a hot pink core. The water is black and I love that! It smells of cinnamon and Brazilian orange oil and I find that the scent is very well balanced without it being too spicy as some cinnamon products can be. The jelly was a bit weird to begin with, but once I felt it on my skin I was sold as it really moisturizing as well. Unfortunately some of the jelly bath bombs that has been released hasn’t performed as well, but this has never failed me as it completely dissolves without any jelly bits left in the tub. Also, I was a bit worried that this would stain the bath but so far that has not been a problem.


1000 Kisses Deep:


With the launch of Volume IV, both white label and black label perfumes were introduced. White label perfumes can be found in any Lush store, but black label perfumes are only available in selected stores and online. I picked up this bottle when I went to Lush Bogstadveien, the first and only flagship store in Norway that opened in October 2017. If you’ve been a lushie for some time you know that this isn’t a brand new product or scent, as it’s been exclusively released in 2010/2011 at Lush and also back in 2004 at B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful (correct me if I am wrong). At least now anyone can get it online! As every other perfume you can find at Lush it has a back story and this is a cute one: One of the co-founders at Lush, Mark Constantine, made this to express the deep love for his wife. So what does it smell like? If you’ve ever tried the Beautiful shower gel; that’s it! Just like fresh apricots at first and then it’s like the spicy notes wakes up and provides a sensual dimension to it. The scent is just as hard to describe as it’s complex, something you just have to experience for yourself.


1000 Millihelens jelly face mask:


Another new invention in 2017 was the jelly face masks. A lot of people might disagree with me on this one as the the hazel ingredient makes it a bit harder to work down as a paste, but so far it’s the jelly face mask that has worked best for my skin type (I have acne prone oily skin for reference). There isn’t a lot of product that actually does a really nice job regarding my skin problems, but this cleans the skin nicely and also makes it feel very soft after I rinsed it off.


Buck’s Fizz body conditioner:


One of my all time favorite shower gels are Bubbly (Christmas product) and this past Christmas Lush made a body conditioner in the same scent. As body conditioner is one of my favorite products you can only imagine how much I love this stuff. I use and love both the potted version and the naked version, the only differences I can find about them is that the naked version smell a bit stronger before you use it on the skin, and that the naked version feels a tiny bit more sticky on the skin (not too sticky though). Let’s just say that I have some backups of Buck’s Fizz without talking numbers.


Think Pink:


Last spring the old classic Think Pink bath bomb got upgraded! It’s now huge, has insanely amounts of lustre and creates a stunning pink and silver show in the water! If you got Pink Custard shower jelly or the My Two Front Teeth bubble bar and you find them to remind you of something: Think Pink! Sweet lavender and tonka are the main notes in the scent, but not be confused and convince yourself that it smells like Twilight; this is the sweeter cousin of Twilight. This is a part of the regular line and can be enjoyed all year.


Thundersnow bath bomb:


Anyone else that can’t get enough of blue/teal baths? At first glance this looks like the earth to me; in the water it looks like a snow storm. The bath art of this is really something special with “white clouds” forming on top of the water and the most stunning teal colored water. The scent is just like a sweet mint chocolate, so yummy! Unfortunately this was a limited edition product for the Christmas range (first introduced at the Summit in February), so if you’d like to try this but haven’t yet you might be lucky to find it in their sale.


Q: What was your favorite items launching in 2017?


– Renate

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