NAKED shower gels

I’m usually already naked while using my shower gels, but now the shower gels are undressing as well. Yep, no packaging! “Say what?! Isn’t that just soap?” NO!

I was fortunate enough to join Lush Norway at the Creative Showcase earlier this month. At this event Lush shows off all the products that are being released for the Halloween and Christmas collections, as well as some new items. For years Lush has been striving to offer environmental friendly products. For instance you can clean out any empty black pot and return five of them at your local store and get a fresh face mask and all their packaging are marked as “not virgin” as it’s all been recycled. If you’re already a customer of the brand you might be familiar (and should be because they are amazing) with the shampoo bars. They are basically shampoo in a solid form with no packaging. This year Lush took this naked approach a step further with the launch of naked shower gels. All of the shower gels for the Christmas collection will be available in the standard bottle, as well as a solid and naked form. No packaging, no waste! The environment will be very happy!

So far I’ve tried a few of these at home, and I was so intrigued by the naked shower gels that I basically ran to the display area at the Creative Showcase to get a demo of them. So, I’m aware that a lot of people probably are thinking that this concept is a one hit wonder, and that they will stick to a bar of soap because it’s the same thing. Well, I have been using naked shower gel ever since I got it at the Creative Showcase and I would like to share my thoughts with you and let you know why this isn’t a soap.

Plum Rain naked shower gel

First of all: The lather of this feels just like a shower gel. It feels soft and rich on the skin. If you have tried any of the gourmet soaps from Lush and know how they feel like, this has almost that sticky consistency but in a softer way – if that makes any sense. If doesn’t foam up like a traditional soap does; it produces a lovely gel when you work it on wet skin that makes it very easy to use.

Second: I very rarely find that any soap has the ability to make the scent last on the skin for more than a few minutes after use. Unlike a soap, this leaves the beautiful scent on the skin for hours after use.

Lastly: Even though I am a hoarder of Lush soaps I find a lot of them to be a bit drying on my skin. As this has the same ingredients as a shower gel (minus the water) it leaves your skin in the same moisturized condition a liquid shower gel would.

To sum up: It doesn’t feel like a soap, it doesn’t work like a soap. It feels like a shower gel and works like a shower gel.

To store my naked shower gels I have been using the lid of empty black pots. They fit perfectly and the shower gel doesn’t stick to it. To prevent any product waste make sure to store it in a dry place. A little goes a long way with this type of product, and I imagine them to last for a very long time.

Would I buy a naked shower gel again? YES! I already have and can’t wait to get naked with it!

– Renate

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